Novak “The Joker” Djokovic Takes Over the 2011 Season

It seemed as if Novak Djokovic, currently the number one ranked tennis player in the world, was becoming a well-known name on the USTA Tour strictly because of his hilariously accurate while somewhat controversial portrayals of fellow players on the tour. Not being limited to the men, you can see some of Djokovic’s imitations of players like Andy Roddick, Roger Federer, and even Maria Sharapova in this video:

Djokovic sprang on the scene last year claiming three of the four Grand Slam tournaments on the tour. The only one he failed to grasp was the Roland Garros, or the French Open, which has been dominated by Spaniard Rafael Nadal for six of the last seven events. Previously to 2011, Djokovic had only championed one Grand Slam event, reaching the finals in only two others.

Djokovic spent four years as the number three ranked player in the world behind only Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, who were two of only four total winners of any Grand Slam event since 2006. Djokovic and Juan Martin del Potro were the other two. It wasn’t until 2011 that Djokovic entered his name along with the two names that seemed to dominated tennis without competition: Nadal and Federer. He began his season with an outstanding 43-0 record, only the third player ever to record that streak. When you consider the names he beat during that stretch, it just may be the most impressive streak in tennis history. His season ended at an impressive 70-6, winning 10 tournaments along the way including three slams. He also set a USTA Tour record with $12.6 million in total winnings.

While Djokovic began as an arrogant kid often getting entangled in disputes with household names, he has without a doubt matured over his years and become even more humble with his ever growing success. Yahoo! Sports even called him “the best interview in tennis.” Undoubtedly Djokovic’s success in 2011 was absolutely one of the most entertaining stories in the sports world to follow with broken records and impressive victories over elite world class players. Look out for him to be on the rise toward making his name as recognizable as greats like Sampras, Agassi, and Federer.

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