So Long Albert

It is strange to think that Pujols will not be in the St. Louis colors this season. The all star first baseman moved to Anaheim this off season to join with the Anaheim Angels.  Pujols was a star in St. Louis, and after winning his second world series for the city, it looked as if all the talk of going to another team may have fizzled down some. However, Albert signed the second biggest deal in MLB history, a ten year contract worth 254 million dollars. Only behind the 2008 deal the Yankees gave Alex Rodriguez.

With his World Series Game three performance, it was clearly seen to every team that Pujols is a game changer and the type of guy any club would like on their staff. Pujols hit three home runs, six RBIs, five hits, and a total of 14 bases in game three alone. Although he did not hit consistently through out the World Series, Albert ignited the St. Louis Cardinals and was the face of the franchise.

Now, with the company of newly acquired free agent pitcher C.J. Wilson, Pujols and the Angels look to be real contenders for the 2012 baseball season. Pujols is getting old in age for a MLB player, he is now 32 years old and although the Cardinals hated to see him leave, they most likely got the most productive numbers of Albert’s career. Teams that give long term contracts to older players have been known to regret them towards the middle of the contract because players are just not putting up the same numbers as they used to.

Yet, I know they don’t call Pujols “The Machine” for nothing, he may surprise us and become even more of a powerhouse in the American League.

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