The Kid Goes Down

Early in the 2011 season, the National Hockey League’s poster boy, Sidney Crosby was nailed with back to back head injuries. The golden boy was sidelined for 10 and a half months with frequent concussion like symptoms. It seemed as if Crosby would never return to play in the NHL again.

Finally, Crosby was cleared to play again with a matchup against the New York Islanders. His much anticipated return created a media frenzy. Once again, the NHL would have their savoir. Crosby put in a stellar performance of four points and it seemed as if everything was right in Pittsburgh and the NHL again.

However, the glory didn’t last long. On December 5th, Crosby collided with teammate Chris Kunitz and once again suffered more head trauma. Doctors from all over the world studied Crosby’s brain only to discover issues in his neck as well.

Crosby has been placed on IR for the rest of the season and his return is still questionable. Without Crosby, the NHL has lost their media poster child and ratings have began to slip again,

In a recent media campaign, Crosby has teamed up with the Canadian super coffee joint Tim Hortons to  help battle back against concussions.

This moving clip shows some of the most gut-wrenching hits ever including Crosby suffering his two concussions first at 12 seconds and then again at 45 seconds.

Along with Crosby, other NHL superstars such as Chris Pronger, Mike Richards and Claude Giroux have all battled head injuries that have kept them off the ice. The NHL is looking into new helmet technology to help keep their best players off the bench.

2011 has been a year filled with amazing sports stories. However, none are bigger than the national hockey league losing its best player, its most marketable player to an injury that has plagued the NHL since its creation.

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