5 Reasons Why the New York Giants Will Win Tonight

#5. Justin Tuck and his irregularly shaped head: Justin has been heating up this entire playoffs for the Giants and his history in Super Bowl XLII proves he’s destined for a big game. With five solo tackles, 2 sacks and a forced fumble against Brady 4 years ago, Tom will have to deal with an aggressive pass rusher who will force miscues and turnovers all over the field tonight.

#4. Eli Manning has emerged as a leader: Many doubted Eli from the moment his stubbornness forced a trade from the San Diego Chargers to the New York Giants. As well, critics told Eli he couldn’t lead in tight situations. But this season, a new Eli Manning has emerged. He set the NFL record for most fourth quarter touchdowns. Eli Now has 20 fourth quarter comebacks and 24 game winning drives under his belt. He’s no longer nervous and has the New York Giants playing their best football at the best possible time.

#3. This team is exactly like the 2007 Super Bowl Champions:  Towards the end of the season, the 2011 Giants heard murmors of how they were similar to the 10-6 Giants who ended up winning it all. In 2007, the Giants lost big to the Washington Redskins before turning the entire team around with a big win against Bills and then losing to the then undefeated Patriots by just a field goal. It gave the confidence they needed to crush the Buccaneers, take down the rival Cowboys and then  narrowly escape with a game winning field goal from Lawrence Tynes (hmmm, that sounds familiar) to send them to the Super Bowl.

This years Giants have that similar loss to Redskins, an incredible uplifting win against the Cowboys and Jets before stomping on their first two competitors in the playoffs. Then Lawrence Tynes sent the G-Men to Indianapolis with a game winning field goal in Candlestick Park against the 49ers.

This Giants team similarly has that incredible pass rush, mish-mosh of defensive backs, and up and coming stars on the offensive side of the ball to help lead them to the Lombardi Trophy.

#2. Victor Cruz and his salsa dancing: Unlike the 2007 Giants, this year they have a new hometown star who caught 82 balls for nearly 1,600 yards and 9 touchdowns. His name is Victor Cruz and he’s easily helped Eli Manning forget the name Steve Smith. Once Eli’s favorite third down receiver, Smith would catch everything thrown at him to help the Giants move the chains. Yet, now the G-Men have Cruz who grew up watching the Giants and has slowly risen to stardom. Tonight, he’ll help catch the attention of standout corner Kyle Arrington (from Hofstra) to help Hakeem Nicks get open.

The Infamous Salsa Touchdown Dance


#1: The Giants simply know how to play the Patriots: Since losing 24-20 on November 6th, 2011, the New England Patriots incredibly haven’t lost a game. It’s only the Giants and the couching of Tom Coughlin who know how to strategically inhibit Tom Brady, limit the dinks and dumps to Wes Welker and find a way to shut down standout tight ends Gronkowski and Hernandez. The Giants are well coached and will be prepared to head into a dogfight tonight with Bill Belichick and his New England Patriots






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