What’s Happening Outside of the Game.

Super Bowl XLVI features the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.  This years Super Bowl in Indianapolis contains three specific topics that are different to Super Bowls in the past.  A quarterback is playing in the house that his brother built, a Super Bowl rematch of four years ago, and the amount of media attention being placed on a player not in the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning.

1.)  Eli Manning is going for his second Super Bowl ring, and this year he will be trying to one up his older brother in Indianapolis.  Peyton Manning has been the main part to the Colts success this past decade.  Along the way, he has won Super Bowl XLI against the Chicago Bears in Miami.  This is chance for Eli to prove that he is one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL and ironically enough it is being played in Peyton’s backyard.

2.)  This rematch has gotten a lot of attention because of the fact that the Patriots in XLII were going for a perfect season but the Giants had other plans.  The Giants became the first NFC wildcard team to win a Super Bowl and in doing so Eli Manning was named the Super Bowl MVP.  It is obvious that the Super Bowl XLII defeat is on the Patriots minds, and this game will be a great game to watch because of that.

3.)  Specifically in the earlier days of last week, the older brother of Eli was getting the medias attention in Indianapolis.  We know the statements between Peyton and Colts owner Jim Irsay have been swirling because of the uncertainty of next season, but news came out the week of the Super Bowl that Peyton has been cleared to play football again.  This news was eaten up by the media and Peyton did interviews and such all around town.  It seemed a little to much for me that this news comes out 3 days before the Super Bowl is too be played in Indianapolis.

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