The New Age of TV

For me personally, the biggest story of Super Bowl XLVI was not that it took place in Indianapolis (although I’ve been a Hoosier my whole life) and it was also not that the Giants won (Peyton’s little brother beat the Colts rivals again) but for me the best news about the game was the fact that NBC was legally streaming the game online for the first time in history. This was a measure set in place to prevent piracy see:  and this is a good thing but, what this meant that for many people, myself included, was watching the Super Bowl in our own homes was finally a less expensive option. In 2009 when TV stations started broadcasting digital signals instead of analog signals it negatively affected the TV viewership because rural areas lost certain stations entirely. I have lived out in the country for years now and although we have had high speed internet through the phone lines, our only TV options were over the air and satellite (which is way over priced). So I have always been able to get by with internet (due to Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon etc.) and over the air TV, but when they switched to digital TV signal I lost several channels, NBC included. So since that day, to watch big games for free like the Super Bowl, I have had to go to sports bars, friends houses etc. because it doesn’t make financial sense to pay for satellite TV just to watch a game that most of America can watch for free.

Apart from my own dilemma, the fact that they have finally streamed the Super Bowl online is ground- breaking news because this will open the door for more events and shows to do the same. I think that this is the future of TV and I have always said that the old over the air TV is obsolete. I think that all content should be available online live and I don’t see why it can’t be. When I watched the game last night with my PC connected to my 40” HDTV it was no different for me than if I had used the digital antenna. The broadcast was still paid for by the ads that I watched just like if I had watched it over the air. One of the big advantages to having last night’s game streaming was that if I wanted to watch it on the go I could have on my laptop or smart phone, and convenience is always a motivator in new technology. So I hope that this ushers in the age of internet TV to finally make this a convenient and enjoyable viewing experience for all. Especially since the broadcast schedule for the Super Bowl is already set to rotate between 3 networks until 2023 (2 of the 3 I can’t get over the air).

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