The Best IU Starting 5 and Why….

Point Guard: Running the point and being the floor general should always be Jordan Hulls. The Junior guard from Bloomington, IN has shown his incredible ability to dribble out of tough situations and find the open man. Although, sometimes too rash with his decisions, Hulls has learned this season too slow the tempo down or hurry up the team in transition. He has deadly accuracy and continues to find ways to burn teams at the free throw line.

Shooting Guard: At the two spot, should always be Victor Oladipo. Hands down our best defender, the high flying Oladipo brings an energy to a starting five that no one else on the court can match. He’s young, athletic and easily a crowd favorite. Although, he needs to work on his jump shot and deep ball, Oladipo continues to shut down the oppositions star players, as well as create highlight play after highlight play.

Victor Oladipo's High Flyer against Kentucky

Small Forward: The 6 foot 9 Christian Watford has continued to be a bright spot in the Hoosiers lineup all season. Not only has he shown the ability to dribble penetrate, but Watford has now added a deadly three ball to his arsenal. He plays above average defense and is quick for a big guy in transition. His mid-range jumper has improved all season and in my opinion is our best offensive threat on the court.

Power Forward: My controversial pick here is to slot Derek Elston in the four spot. The 6 foot 9 Junior from Tipton, IN has impressed Hoosier fans with his scrappy defense and surprisingly accurate jump shooting. Although, sometimes clumsy with the ball, Elston has learned this season to make better decisions and look for the open man, instead of settling for an unopen jumper. By having him in the lineup instead of Jones or Sheehey, Elston adds defense and size, without sacrificing offense.  Although, it’s a slower lineup, its a much more fluid offense with Elston.

Center: No surprise here, Freshman Cody Zeller secures the five spot at Center with his sensational play all season long. In just three games, Zeller has failed to score less than 10 points. He adds a huge height advantage and an immediate bailout for Hulls, Abbell or Jones if they find themselves in trouble. Zeller is competing for freshman of the year with Kentucky’s Anthony Davis and has proved he can play alongside the best centers in the country. This year he’s also bulked up and impressed scouts with his speed and nifty post moves.

Cody Zeller impressing scouts with his speed




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