Coach Crean and the Future of the Hoosiers

Tom Crean is now in his fourth season as the Head Coach at Indiana University. In his first three seasons Coach Crean went 28-66, the worst record in the Big Ten during that three year run. His fourth season has been a different story though. After struggling to put a competitive team on the court his first three years because of the recruiting restrictions that were placed on the University during the Kelvin Sampson era; Coach Crean has finally started to turn it around. The Hoosiers are currently 19-6 , 7-6 in the Big Ten. Here are the five reasons why Coach Crean’s Hoosiers have had success this year, and will continue to have success in years to come.

1. Cody Zeller: Cody Zeller is the type of blue-chip recruit that can turn around an entire program. He is the type of player you build an entire team around. Coach Crean had has shooters in his three years here, with Matt Roth and Jordan Hulls. The Hoosiers were lacking the big man that could score down low, rebound and play defense, Cody Zeller has brought all of those skills to the Hoosiers. He has been the best Freshman in the Big Ten and will be a joy to watch develop over the next couple of years.

2. Coach Crean recruits hard working players: Before Cody Zeller Coach Crean has never had a five star recruit at IU. Victor Oladipo, Jordan Hulls, Will Sheehy, Christian Watford etc. are all players who came to IU with something to prove. They put the time in the weight room and work hard on improving their game in the summer. This has been evident this year with the improved play of ll four of those players. As long as Coach Crean continues to find hard working tough-minded players, IU will continue to compete.

3. Coach Crean preaches defense: Defensive pressure is what Crean is all about. His teams usually play great half-court defense, always pressure the ball, play good help defense and stresses the importance of boxing out and rebounding. Any team and coach that preaches defense usually has a chance come March.

4. Crean the man: Coach Crean is excellent when it comes to public relations and he knows the importance of it. He is an active member of Twitter keeping fans updated on the team, and he even tweets about game film he watches. He understand the tradition of Indiana basketball and knows how important Hoosier basketball is to the city of Bloomington. This marketing genius has won over fans, alumni and recruits alike.

5. Cook Hall: For those of you who haven’t checked out Cook Hall I highly recommend doing so. There are two separate full-sized college basketball courts are available so the teams can practice simultaneously, instead of staggering times for practice in Assembly Hall. It also provides a practice shooting-facility available 24-7 to the players.All of their support areas are situated in the new venue including a weight room, and athletic training room. The athletic training area will feature three different hydrotherapy pools for rehabilitation. Every office is also wired with the latest audio-visual equipment to support viewing digital video of practice and games. This venue will attract the best recruits for years to come.

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