#IUBB has become a widely used item on Twitter this season.  Trending after the Kentucky win, the topic has exploded on to the social media scene and is used to when conversing about game days, articles, score updates, anything related to Indiana University basketball.

For the most part, when looking at the tweets, it is seen that IU fans are the ones incorporating the #.  An example, @TrevorMcNutt_30 tweeted “Indiana has more perfect seasons than Purdue has championships #IUBB.  It is interesting seeing a variety of tweets about IU, and because the team has been so successful this season compared to the past, there is a lot more interest in the team.

Although some tweets are only for fun, others are used to educate and inform IU fans.  In Tom Crean’s post game radio show Crean stated that he thought this team right now is better than the 12-0 team that started the season.  On the night after the IU win against UI,  @HoosierFaithful tweeted “Coach Crean said on his postgame radio show that #iubb is better right now than they were when they were 12-0 to start the season.”  Fans of IU are interested to hear Crean’s take on the team at this point, and if you didn’t catch the show this is an outlet you could use to find out IU basketball news.

Another example of how the #IUBB is used to just to state who is at the game.  Celebrities and well known people do visit Bloomington and it is interesting to hear what people are at IU games.  @ ESPNAdamS tweeted “Joe Buck (@Buck) and Sage Steele (@sagesteele) in the #IUbb crowd tonight.”  Sage Steele, an Alumna of IU and fans that know this are interested to hear that she is back in Bloomington watching a game.

These are only a few examples and tweets that are on the #IUBB page.  Many fans interact and it is a great way to read information and see how others are reacting to the basketball game this season.

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