#We’re Back

In my opinion there is nothing in the U.S. like enthusiasm for basketball in Indiana. Of course I know that everywhere has their sport like hockey in Minnesota, football in Texas etc. But the intrinsic love of basketball in Indiana has a place of its own and it is as pure as it gets when following basketball at Indiana University. It’s like the saying that goes “in 49 other states this is just basketball, but this is Indiana”. Recently, it has become a phenomenon on Twitter to hash tag thing like #hoosier nation and #we’re back and I love to see that because it shows the undying devotion to a sport that is synonymous with the state. I think that although the basketball team at I.U. has had some difficulties in the past decade, they are finally getting back to the greatness that they once had with this amazing team. For example, some of the tweets with #hoosiernation show how people are feeling about loyalty to I.U. basketball.

@KyleeWierks Nothing better than “This is Indiana” coming on the radio and all the surrounding cars rolling down their windows to blast it #HoosierNation

@sorRY_4pArtyiN_ It’s pretty nice knowing IU is gonna be the lone reason Kentucky won’t have an undefeated season this year #HOOSIERNATION

@sydsauce I just love IU basketball #hotdamn #hoosiernation

Also the whole #we’re back thing lets me know that the true fans never left and that they are even more excited now that there team is once again showing the world that Hoosier basketball is the greatest. There will always be a loyalty to the sport of basketball at I.U. but when the team is doing an outstanding job like they have this year then it only helps to strengthen the fan base. Everybody likes to win and be the best at what they do and I think that is what this year’s team has done for its fans. Go Hoosier Nation!

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