Extreme Scrabble: The World’s Most Intense Sport

We have all been there before. Grandma comes over, you meet your sister’s boyfriend for the first time or you simply need to do something to pass the time. Many people reach for the tiles, pull out the board and commence what could be hours of average excitement with a classic game of Scrabble.

ESPN has recently aired the World Scrabble Championships in Warsaw, Poland live on TV. Although, it doesn’t draw crowds like Monday Night Football, a recent Scrabble scandal has rocked the Scrabble world. England’s Ed Martin had apparently hidden away the G tile from his opponent allowing him to win by just 1 point. Players who are fed up with the conventional Scrabble and possible cheaters out there, have taken the sport to new heights…literally.

Extreme Scrabble follows the same rules as regular Scrabble, except for one key and important rule. It cannot be played at any usual or boring location. Instead players bring their boards with them when they go skydiving, when they climb mountain tops or even play amongst wild animals.

Nicole Angelides and Ramsey Kent, enjoying Scrabble some 13,000ft above Florida.

Above, professional skydivers Ramsey Kent and and Nicole Angelides played Scrabble up in the air. Using adhesive pieces and a reinforced wooden board, the two players were able to keep the pieces from flying off into the atmosphere. This game of Scrabble set the Guinness World Record for the board game played at the highest altitude. However, Extreme Scrabble has no limits and has recently been taken to the depths of the ocean.

Scuba divers Paul Noakes and Elizabeth Parkinson play Scrabble with some Caribbean reef sharks

The first ever game of Scrabble with shark witnesses, divers Paul Noakes and Elizabeth Parkinson took Scrabble out of the conventional living room and brought the game to the ocean floor.

Scrabble will never be looked at as that boring living room game again. With new Extreme Scrabble catching on, it truly is the world’s most intense sport.

To see more Extreme Scrabble Photos Click Here: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/469796/extreme-scrabble-taking-scrabble-to-where-its-neve 


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