Handball, better than soccer?

When researching odd and bizarre sports that are not very well known there are all kinds of hilarious and weird sports out there. My goal was to find one of these sports that I would actually want to play, which turned out to be surprisingly difficult until I discovered handball http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Team_handball. Now, I am the type of person that will try anything once, and I usually end up liking the sports I have tried even though I wasn’t very good at some of them. Although my primary sport is basketball (I have played it my whole life) I’ve tried every traditional sport (football, soccer, baseball, volleyball, softball, hunting, fishing, golf, hockey, tennis, etc.) there is, even playing in a league in many of them and I have enjoyed playing every one of these sports. Also being the kind of guy I am, I have done a few “extreme sports” such as snowboarding, ultimate frisbee, and roller hockey but I have never even heard of the sport of handball. At first glance, handball looks to me like a mix of soccer, basketball and maybe rugby and it is a fast-paced, high scoring game which makes it fun to watch as you can see from this video:    The sport of handball is popular in Europe and other parts of the world, but not in the U.S. which is sad because, I think that, from what I have seen, handball could become a big sport here even more popular than soccer or lacrosse, because in my opinion it is more thrilling than many of the other niche sports out there today. Handball has potential to be flashy and exciting like basketball, but it also has some pretty hard hits like football and its rules and layout are similar to soccer which gives it a familiarity. All this is why I think handball will be the next big thing.

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