The World of Wiffle Ball

When this post was assigned I immediately thought of wiffle ball.  Myself and three friends compete in wiffle ball tournaments every year.  These tournaments are competitive and usually offer prize money and trophies to the winners.

Wiffle ball is a sport that can be played many different ways. The tournaments usually included fast pitch and slow pitch divisions.  The fast pitch divisions are played with no base runners and there is no speed limit enforced on pitching.  Designated areas on the field are used to mark single, doubles, triples, and home runs.

The slow pitch division is what we play in.  There is a speed limit but pitching is still fairly fast.  Games usually consist of three to five players with only three defenders on the field at a time.  Six inning games are conducted with the pitchers hand rule in effect.

We have entered tournaments in Indianapolis, Chicago, Cincinnati, Kentucky, and Michigan.  The tournaments consist of around 30-50 teams usually.  Some teams are there just to have fun, but it noticeable that many teams are there to win.  All of the tournaments we have entered have had a registration fee where the majority of the money goes to charities.  It is nice to know that we are helping a good cause and also competing in a sport we love.

Great things have come from winning tournaments.  Over the years we have earned multiple trophies and prize money, but the most incredible thing that has come from wiffle ball was winning the 2008 “Reds Fest,” a tournament put on by the Cincinnati Reds.  My team got announced the field before a Reds game where they were playing the Cubs (my favorite team).  Along with that we got to meet players from both teams and I got to throw out the first pitch.

Wiffle ball is a lot of fun, but can get very competitive.  It  takes skill to be good at it because the ball can do so many things and move like crazy when your in the batters box.  Its funny explaining this to people at time because they just see wiffle ball as a sport they used to play in their backyard, but it has evolved to become a popular competitive sport for all ages.

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