New Atmosphere on the North Side

The Chicago Cubs have made a lot of moves this off season, but not with big ticket free agents.  The Cubs put together one of the most high profile front offices in the MLB.  Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer, and hiring of new manager Dale Sveum, is the big news the Cubs have made this off season.

Big time players such as Carlos Zambrano, Aramis Ramirez, and Carlos Pena are no longer on the squad.  The club is looking to put a major emphasis on their farm system and focuses on creating athletes through their system.  The major spending was not part of the Cubs way this off season, as the rebuilding process starts to take place.

The Cubs arrived in Mesa, Arizona last week.  With new faces around every corner this is a new experience to even the Cubs players that have been on the team for years.  A new manager, a new focus, and new philosophy to learn is the prominent spotlight on this off season.  Sveum explained this season as not a rebuilding year, but a building year.  This is not a off season for the north side, they are expected to perform, work, and play to win every game.

Svuem, who was the hitting coach for the Milwaukee Brewers last season, has already brought a new and exciting competition to Arizona, a bunting tournament.  The players talk a little trash, while bonding and getting to know each other.  It is a friendly contest and get players to interact and have fun with each other.  The tournament is set up with pitchers on one side of the bracket, and postition players on the other.

It is clear that the Chicago Cubs are on the right track to eventually bring a World Series to the north side of Chicago.  It will be a process and will take time, but everything has to start somewhere and this is starting now in the Arizona dessert.  Who knows, maybe the Cubbies can catch fire this season and play hard, smart, and win.  Although not likely, but this baseball, anything can happen.

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