The Passing of a Torch: Kobe becomes All-Star game scoring leader, but Durant ready to take over league

Kevin Durant is the most dominant scorer in the NBA

Kobe Bryant and the Western Conference All-Stars beat the Eastern Conference All-Stars 152-149 Sunday Night at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

Kobe Bryant scored 27 points, moving past Michael Jordan as the career scoring leader in All Star game history. For Kobe Bryant, this is just another bullet point to add to his 16-year career list of highlights and awards.

This wasn’t even the big story to come out of Orlando this weekend. Kobe doesn’t like being showed up on the court, but someone did just that and his name is Kevin Durant.

The Durantula scored a game-high 36 points while also snagging seven rebounds to earn him All-Star game MVP honors. Durant also logged a game-high 37 minutes.

After receiving runner-up honors in Saturday night’s 3-point contest it seemed as if he wasn’t going to let anyone take another piece of hardware off of his mantle.

The fifth year pro has now been NBA ROY (2008), 2x NBA scoring champion (2010-2011), 2x All-NBA first team (2010-2011), 3x NBA All-Star (2010-2012) and now the NBA All Star Game MVP.

If we learned anything from this game last night, it showed us that Kevin Durant has supplanted Kobe Bryant as the fiercest scorer in the league. Throughout the course of the game Durant drew “oohs and ahhs” from the crowd with his array of low-post and perimeter moves that had defenders guessing all night.

Durant’s Oklahoma City Thunder are currently tied with the Miami Heat for the best record in the NBA at 27-7. He is currently averaging career highs in rebounds, assists, blocks and steals. He has improved a facet of his game every year, this year he is becoming the defensive force we knew he could be with that long frame of his.

Kevin Durant has become the best scorer in the league and has shown the ability to thrive in the clutch, pressure situations; the one’s we have seen Kobe own time and time again.

Now, it is Kevin Durant’s turn. A new face, a new team to either hate or love.

“That record (Kobe) got, with KD in the league, I don’t know how long it’s going to last,” Dwayne Wade said after the All-Star game.

The rest of the league is clearly aware and ready for Durant to dominate the league like we’ve seen Kobe and Jordan do over the years.

Now the question is, are you ready for this 23-year old sensation to dominate the league the way Bird, Jordan and Bryant did?

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