Masked Mamba

Kobe Bryant had a little run in with Miami’s Dwayne Wade last weekend at the NBA All Star game in Orlando.  A hard foul from behind caused Bryant to get a broken nose and a minor concussion.  Although Bryant kept played through the injuries in the game, he went to a nose specialist two days later and found out he had in fact broken his nose.

Now the Masked Kobe has played two games since and has been lethal in his new personal molded mask.  Against the Sacramento Kings the masked mama dropped 38 points and grabbed 3 rebounds.  Against the Minnesota Timberwolves Kobe had 31 points, 7 rebounds, and 8 assists.  Today, the LA Lakers go up against, who else, Wade and the Heat.

While the media has been making a big deal about the match up today, players have both teams have played down the altercation.  Wade though, made a comment after the all star  game that Kobe fouled him twice, so he still had one up on Wade.

With the high flying Heat squad coming to LA fans can be ready for a competitive game that will please all.  This LA team is not the same team as when they last played the Heat.  They have found their offensive power and although they have the worst bench in the league in points scored, they do have the masked mamba who is out for revenge.  Kobe does not let these types of things go, he wont look to get even by injuring anyone, he is looking to get even by controlling the game and coming out with the Win.

This should be a great game to watch.  Look out for the Masked Mamba!

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