The 2012 New York Mets

This year the New York Mets will look a little bit different. After cutting a record 52 million dollars out of their payroll, the Metropolitans will be a totally different team on the field. With the loss of Reyes, David Wright’s contract in question, the Mets are going for a new approach to make the playoffs and the teams seems to be just fine with it.

After losing millions of dollars in Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme, Mets Owner Fred Wilpon is still extremely optimistic about the 2012 season. He still has full confidence in the lineup he’s putting on the field.

Mets Owner Fred Wilpon has no intentions of giving up this season

That lineup includes inexperienced Josh Thole, unproven Ruben Tejada, underperforming Jason Bay and even the unknown Lucas Duda. This Mets team will be full of unknowns and  the basement of the NL East looks to be the future for this squad. Who knows if Johan Santana will be able to bounce back from injury after injury and Mike Pelfrey isn’t turning into the pitcher that he was scouted to be.

Mets owner Fred Wilpon is officially “tired of throwing money at the problem”. This year they’ve look towards a brand new solution to solve their problems. They’ll play small ball and strengthen the bullpen to get wins. It isn’t about all-stars and long term contracts anymore. This will be a new look Mets, but will it work?

Mets fans are skeptical about the team they’re putting out on the field on opening day, but ownership has stated that there’s nothing to worry about it. With a record setting payroll reduction and a loss of their all-star Jose Reyes to the rival Marlins, the Mets good be walking in the wrong direction and headed to a long long season.

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