Extreme Fans

The fans of the University of Kentucky Wildcats are the some of the worst attitude fans in basketball! There are many teams that are known for having a bad attitude and for being disorderly and disruptive in the sport of basketball, i.e. Philadelphia fans, but most fans leave this attitude at the arena and they are decent people out in public. This is not true of the majority of Kentucky Wildcats fans that I have had the displeasure of being around. I got to experience this  bad attitude was in extreme excess Friday night when I unfortunately, had to watch the IU vs. UK game in the state of Kentucky. As you probably already know IU lost to UK 102-90 in a close game until the end and, while I was disappointed the IU lost, I realize that UK has a good team and they are tough to beat. But what I was not expecting from my experience that other night was to be harassed endlessly because the team I was cheering for lost. It is one thing to celebrate, but when someone is so ignorant that they think the team that they are cheering for can never possibly lose no matter the circumstance then I think that they are carrying it too far. All I am saying is try to have a little dignity about you and treat other fans like human beings. There is a code of conduct that every sports fan should live by and UK fans do not seem to understand that. We all need to remember that it is just a game.

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