Potential Final Four Matchup

With Louisville beating Florida yesterday, the Cardinals are looking at the Kentucky and Baylor match up today to see who they will play in New Orleans.  A potential Louisville and Kentucky match up has excited me because rivalry games, in the NCAA Tournament, let alone the final four are great games to watch.

In four tournament match ups the teams are tied at two games a piece.  When the two last met on New Years Eve, the Wildcats won 69-62 in Lexington, KY.  With Louisville playing so well at the end of the season, it can make for a great final four game.  The rivalry, the passion, and will to win in these teams and their coaches is on another level compared to a number of other programs.  A Kentucky showdown for a spot in the Championship game could bring fireworks to New Orleans.

Kentucky leads the series 29-14 and many more impressive wins over Louisville during the years, but this year could be different.  Louisville has heard about the Wildcats all season and you can believe that if this game is actually played that the Cardinals will be ready.

College basketball can be very unpredictable.  As a matter of fact, I would to see a bracket that took Louiville alone to the final four, but that is what momentum is all about.  The Cardinals have not lost since early March and finding out how to win at the right time is very important in this sport.  Remember just last year, UCONN looked as if they were going no where, but never lost a game after the BIG East Tournament got started.  Pitino and the Cardinals could destroy the Wildcats season, who many believe that if they don’t win it all than this year was a disappointment.  Be on the lookout for mayhem in Kentucky!

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