This Years Madness….Not That Mad

In recent years past, the general public were tearing up their brackets, creating new ones and looking up to the heavens wondering how in the world George Mason beat UCONN. Yet, in 2012 things have changed. The man who picks too many upsets will find himself at the bottom of his pool this year. This years elite eight has had a borderline predictable group with most of the fans predicting at least 5 of the 8 teams correct this year.

Besides Michigan St. who was the weakest #1 seed, all the others managed to make the elite 8. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to automatically move the best 4 teams into the final 8. If you had Duke in your Elite 8 than you clearly didn’t watch any college basketball this year. The young squad limped into March Madness after a loss to Florida State and an athletic Baylor team would have mopped the floor with Duke.

The real surprise comes from Florida who made the elite 8. I thought Missouri was a strong and well coached team this year and would have been too much for Florida to handle. Yet, Florida lucked out with the early exit from Missouri which can easily be considered the biggest upset of the whole tournament. Yet, after the first round, things took shape as normal and many “busted brackets” were in fact in great shape. Georgetown went down as expected to North Carolina State. UNC and Kansas both the 1 and 2 seeds will square off later this afternoon at a shot at the final four.

Kentucky is currently slaughtering Baylor and appeared to have punched its obvious and predictable final four ticket. If this year you wanted to be that guy who picked all the upsets shame on you because this years madness truly wasn’t that mad. Most likely the two strongest 1 seeds, the strongest two seed and a hot four seed will be the last four teams this season.

Can Anyone Stop the Unibrow Monster


Although, I didn’t predict these four, It’s definitely a much safer final four then the likes of Butler, VCU and even the cinderella George Mason Squad.

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