PGA Tour Might be Social Media Laggards, but They’re Finally On Board

Golf is an old-school, conservative sport. The game is known for its traditions, sportsmanship and strict rules.

Times have changed though.

In an attempt to more easily connect with fans and a way to increase their audience, the PGA Tour has started to embrace Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

On March 7th, at the W.G.C.-Cadillac Championship the PGA Tour lifted their ban on cell-phones and other social media devices in PGA Tour events.

It’s important that the PGA finally took this step allowing cellphones into their events. The slow pace of golf make sit the perfect sport to “live-tweet.” Fans will now be able to tweet about the action while at the event to promote their Twitter “brand,” without missing a beat of the action.

The PGA Tour has also launched Facebook and Twitter pages giving fans tour information while also offering interactive games and chances to win prizes.

Just last week, the RBC Heritage PGA Tour Golf Tournament held their “So you want to be a PGA Tour reporter” social media contest. Fans were able to send a message to the president of the RBC Heritage event via Facebook or Twitter stating “what they’re proud of, essaence and heritage, of the RBC Heritage.”

The winner will be given media credentials to the event and will live-tweet the event from the RBC Hertiage’s Twitter page.

It’s really important for golf and the PGA to start embracing social media and realize what it can do in expanding the audience for the sport of golf. Social media will allow the PGA Tour and professional golfers a way to connect with fans in a way the sport hasn’t done before.

Golf has always has trouble reaching out to a younger audience. With so many great golfers on the tour right now (Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan) the game has the potential to reach a popularity level it hasn’t seen before. Exploring the marketing opportunities Twitter and Facebook has to offer can only help the sport grow.

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