The PGA Tours best blog

There are many blogs on the sport of golf and several on the PGA tour but the one I think that is the best is located at Golfweek is a high-end weekly golfing magazine that is consider one of the foremost authorities on the sport or as they put it on their website “Golfweek has been a constant, undeniable force in the world of golf; no other publication comes close to equaling Golfweek’s consistent and comprehensive coverage of the game.” On the magazine’s website there is access to social media through their facebook, twitter, and youtube links as well as nine different types of blogs. The most interesting of the sites many blogs is The Tour Blog which is updated regularly with articles about the PGA tour, lists, Masters history, and many more giving this blog a wide range of topics. This blog has all of the best aspects that a great blog should have, the posts are perfect length, they really seem to know what their readers want, and they incorporate the past present and future of golf. To me Golfweeks “the tour blog” shows the three essentials of blogging: passion, authenticity, and engagement. So if you are looking for a blog that covers golf to its fullest, then look no further than See for yourself:

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