Brett Favre; Retires from Wrangler…..Than signs with Levi’s

In an incredible move this morning, Brett Favre announced in a press conference that took up 3 hours of SportsCenter that he would retire from the Wrangler jean commercials. After, 20 years of doing the commercials, Brett felt that his butt wasn’t healthy enough to continue to go on.

Brett Looking Comfortable in a Wrangler


When asked why the sudden decision to retire from Wrangler, Brett had this to say, “My heart wasn’t in it anymore. After so many years of throwing on the Wrangler’s, how can you wake up each morning as excited as you once were?” The shocking move left Wrangler wearers stunned. Already there was a buzz about who would be the next Wrangler model.


Former all-star QB Kurt Warner had this to say about the situation. “Does this mean there is a job opening? I am looking! Where do I send my resume?” All around the league players and coaches were in awe of the decision for Favre to retire. Future hall of fame coach Mike Shanahan said, “I’ve got to see it before I’ll believe it!”

If that wasn’t enough. Favre who was only out of the jeans game for about four hours came out with a press release shocking the entire world. In it, Favre backed out of his decision to retire and moved his booty to the rival Levi’s Brand. In the absolutely stunning move, Wrangler fans were left wondering how and why this could have happened to them?

By the end of the press release, Brett told his Levi fans, “I can promise you this, not that I had ever set out as a goal to model for 20 years, but 20 years and I’m done. I don’t think so. This is just the beginning of my Levi’s contract.”

Brett Favre had retired from the jeans game, but just hours later changed his mind and  his brand. He’s now back under center in the spotlight of a rival company. We will see how the move plays out as Brett continues to model in near by high schools, but the early scouting reports say he looked better in Wrangler.


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