The mound visit

After watching two Cubs games this season we have seen the set up and closer positions fail miserably.  Kerry Wood and Carlos Marmol have worked together to lose the first two games of the season for the Chicago Cubs.  Aren’t mound visits supposed to relax and calm pitchers down?  Not with these two, seems like there head is never in the game from beginning to end, so with this in mind, a mic was placed on the mound to hear just what these two like to talk about while there pitching in the most critical part of the game.

Kerry Wood likes to talk to catcher Geovany Soto about anything but baseball.  “What are you doing tonight?  Did you see the hottie behind the on deck circle in the second row?”  And my personal favorite, “How much do you think the Cubs will spend on me after I lose yet another game?”

Seems to me that these two were not working on pitches in spring training, but rather going out for the night life in Arizona.  Two straight games with leads intact and they lose them.  Something needs to change or this will be a longer season than most expected.  Losing games that teams feel they should win are killers in the clubhouse, and I know the season just started, but this is not the starting point that players and fans of the Cubs have hoped for.

As for Marmol, his job has been backing up Kerry Wood and trying to clean up his mistakes.  Marmol says to Geo “I hope my pitches are accurate today because I have no idea where I am going to throw them, just make sure your ready for anything Soto.”  The inconsistency from Marmol is something that no team can overcome, especially when he is in the closing position.  These guys need to wake up, because games cannot continue being lost in the 8th and 9th innings.  They need to pitch consistently and know that games are not over until that 27th out is recorded.

Look, I know these guys feel bad, but there playing in Chicago where everything is always being watched.  I know the season is long, but instead of starting 2-0, the Cubs are 0-2 because they have not finished games with their pitching.  Nevertheless, GO CUBS!

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