The great American game gets better!

The MLB announced today that there will be some significant changes to the sport of baseball and that these changes will go into effect starting next week on April 15. The league has unanimously decided  to make these changes due to the lack of viewership and negative stadium turnout that has taken place this past opening weekend. These 4 rule changes should greatly improve TV viewership as well as get people to fill the seats at the half empty stadiums, which is the League’s main concern. So for your information, I have compiled a list of the rule changes along with a description of each rule.

  1.    The 10-run blowout rule:  If any team is up by 10 or more runs after the 6th inning, then game is called and the losing team gets credited with an additional loss which means a blowout would equal 2 regular losses.  This will make blowouts way more exciting, and keep both teams trying and playing their best players for every inning of every game.  
  2.    The one pitcher per inning rule:  This means no more changing relief pitchers per batter depending on the lefty-lefty or righty-righty match-up.  This will shorten the game by 30 minutes (which is the number one complaint by TV viewers) and this will unquestionably determine who are the best overall pitchers in the game today. 
  3.    The inevitable fight rule:  If you charge the mound and don’t throw a punch then it is an automatic 10 game suspension. The days of charging the mound and having a shoving match with a lot of empty threats are over. If you run out there you better be ready to fight or face the consequences. This would obviously add entertainment value.
  4.    The seventh inning stretch show: This is similar to every other sport’s halftime show, the seventh inning stretch will now last 15 minutes and have a show just like the NBA or NFL, with cheerleaders and some sort of entertainment. This rule is for the fans that attend the stadium so they can have something to look forward to other than the outdated “Take me out to the ballgame”.
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