Bubba Watson Wins the Masters

Bubba Watson in front of the Genral Lee. Picture courtesy of http://www.azcentral.com

Bubba Watson wins the Masters. TFM.

We all should’ve seen this coming. Bubba Watson had to win the Masters.

Why, you may ask. The answer is…because Bubba Watson is the frattiest golfer on the PGA tour.

You can see it on the course in his pink driver and bright flashy clothing.

Before turning pro Bubba starred at Georgia University in 2000 and 2001 and has been a frat star ever since.

Think of the frattiest car you could possibly drive….If you’re answer is the General Lee, well, correct, you’re frat. And guess who drives the General Lee, you got it, Bubba Watson. The dude bought the car for $110,000 at an auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Most of all, he is known for people posting about him on http://www.totalfratmove.com. It all started 613 days ago with the first Bubb Watson tagged post. “Bubba Watson. TFM.”

More and more posts started flowing in to the website describing Bubba’s frat star demeanor.

“Bubba Watson’s frat swoop hazing the rest of the field at Torrey Pines. TFM.”

“Bubba Watson golfing in a $525,00 dollar watch. TFM.”

“Bubba Watson buttoning up the top button because he’s all business on the course. TFM”

“The Bubba Watson: A shot of bourbon followed by chugging a John Daly. TFM.”

“Having the same swing coach as Bubba Watson. TFM.” (Bubba Watson is known for not having a swing coach)

“The only thing I support on the left is Bubba Watson. TFM”

“Bubba Watson’s Wikipedia page crediting him as being known for his “tremendous length.”

And now he can add Master’s champion to his frat star resume. So here’s to you Bubba Watson, for winning the frattiest major of them all.

You were born to wear a green blazer. All frat stars are.

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