Weird NCAA Rule

The NCAA has a lot of strange rules. But none are more unusual than the one that the Big East has brought to media attention. Their proposal is called Proposal No. 2011-78 and it would permit institutions to offer spread such as “butter, peanut butter, jelly and cream cheese” with bagels they already may provide to student-athletes at any time. The current NCAA rule (enacted in 2009) only allows schools to provide bagels, fruits and nuts to student-athletes, which means that a complimentary butter or jam packet would be a punishable violation. Prior to that colleges couldn’t provide athletes any food except energy bars! How can the NCAA waste time arguing over bagel spread at a time when there are many more serious problems facing college athletics like not allowing students that are declaring for NBA but fail to get selected to go back to school and continue playing college ball. This is an unfair rule that should be changed. I think NBA draft should be treated like a job interview. If a student does not get drafted, he should be able to just go back and continue his education. It is hard enough to lose out on the draft, but then lose the choice of going back to school can make it a devastating decision. This is a huge penalty for that could be changed instead of worrying over what to put on a bagel. The NCAA should change the rule and allow people to go back to school and even walk on for the school basketball program but, still have the option to drop their basketball scholarship. That way, they will take a long and hard look at the choice, also this does not take away their right to continue play basketball and complete the degree. The NCAA is a notoriously bureaucratic organization that does many things backwards, but they have a chance to do some real good if they will focus on the important, life changing problems and don’t sweat the small stuff.

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