Fenway’s 100th Year Anniversary

Historical Fenway Park located in Boston, Massachusetts celebrated the beginning of its 100th anniversary with the Red Sox on Friday the 13th of April, of all days, against the Tampa Bay Rays. A lot has changed since the early 20th century opening, most noticeably the ticket prices. Did you know that it only cost $1.50 to see the Sox play from a field box? Equivalent seats today go for around $130. Over the last 10 years in particular, the Red Sox have sunk a dense $285 million into renovations conveniently timed for the nostalgic ceremonies. According to the Boston Business Journal, these expenses included concession and merchandise expansions, added seating, and most glamorously the 100 ft long HD television and scoring display. For a team who traditionally had no video display and an exclusively manual scoring display, this was quite adjustment to many long-time fans. Even after all these renovations, Rays DH Luke Scott is still under the impression that the park is “a dump” and “not a place where you want to go to work.”

The Red Sox players responded and stood up for their home field by winning the first two games in the 100th season against by a combined 18 runs against Tampa Bay. The ball was in Josh Beckett’s hands in the first game. Bobby Valentine publicly admitted that he was “holding his breath” during this Beckett start after he let up 7 runs in only 4.2 innings in his first appearance against the fierce lineup of the Detroit Tigers. Beckett was solid in his second outing against the Rays going 8 innings and only letting up one run. Ellsbury went down in the first game with a subluxated shoulder he suffered from after sliding into second. The Sox rebounded well in the second game of the series giving Clay Bucholz a much needed 8 run cushion after a shaky first inning. David Ortiz had a 5 RBI day on a 4 for 5 performance with a bomb and 4 other Red Sox player homered as well. The city of Boston must be on cloud 9 with a practically brand new venue and an offensive explosion occurring on Yawkey Way.

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