The Chicago Bulls Preview

The Chicago Bulls have been without last years MVP for a large amount of the season.  Luckily, this Bulls team has a solid foundation around it, with the bench picking up the slack and often times score just as much as the starters.  As the postseason comes around, the Bulls are now trying to get there pieces together as Rip Hamilton and Rose are back in the line up.

The Eastern Conference is full with high talent teams, and with the Playoffs around the corner it is crucial to get these players back into the rotation and regular feel of being in the game.  One Rose’s first games back from a groin injury, he shot horrible, finishing with only two points and didn’t play at all in overtime.  The choice of the OT starters looked as if the benchmob had taken over the game, because this team has a bench that can match up with starters of all teams.

As Rose gets comfortable again on the court, the Bulls are always playing for the number one spot in the East and that precious home court advantage, and they need him to turn it up before the post season starts.  Last years MVP cant afford to be non existent in the playoffs, and the Bulls team can not survive the long playoff series without their starting point guard and reigning MVP.  The Bulls have a chance to make a lot of noise in the this years postseason, but they need all the pieces working together for the team to be successful.

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