Colts, Redskins to play Rock, Paper, Scissors for Andrew Luck

The rapidly approaching 2012 NFL Draft could not be more dissected with seemingly two number one overall picks available in Andrew Luck of Stanford and Robert Griffin III of Baylor. The Colts are simply exhausted of being nagged by executives to “hurry up and make a decision.” After being hounded and harrassed about which “sure thing” QB the Colts will select, they have decided to take the easy road out by proposing an old fashioned rock, paper, scissors duel in order for the media to “just leave us alone already,” according to Jim Irsay. Irsay declined further comment, leaving with a poorly articulated, unrelated, Dierks Bentley lyric which he later tweeted. With all the flack that the Colts’ organization has been receiving after cutting Peyton Manning before he was due a huge roster bonus, they could not afford to deal with another media firestorm like choosing the wrong prospect. “This really gives us something to fall back on if the guy we end up with starts to play really shitty,” said newly appointed head coach Chuck Pagano. “You know, we can only blame ourselves if we actually make the decision on our own,” he continues. As most people well know, the Colts have not been responsible for making a decision since 1998 when Manning was drafted No. 1 overall as their QB, offensive coordinator, and head coach. A poll run strictly in Indianapolis revealed that residents didn’t really care about last season, because they could just blame it all on Peyton being hurt. This decision to leave the fate of their organization up to chance is certainly one of the most questionable moves in NFL history. But hey, there are two No. 1 overall picks in the draft this year, aren’t there?

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The mound visit

After watching two Cubs games this season we have seen the set up and closer positions fail miserably.  Kerry Wood and Carlos Marmol have worked together to lose the first two games of the season for the Chicago Cubs.  Aren’t mound visits supposed to relax and calm pitchers down?  Not with these two, seems like there head is never in the game from beginning to end, so with this in mind, a mic was placed on the mound to hear just what these two like to talk about while there pitching in the most critical part of the game.

Kerry Wood likes to talk to catcher Geovany Soto about anything but baseball.  “What are you doing tonight?  Did you see the hottie behind the on deck circle in the second row?”  And my personal favorite, “How much do you think the Cubs will spend on me after I lose yet another game?”

Seems to me that these two were not working on pitches in spring training, but rather going out for the night life in Arizona.  Two straight games with leads intact and they lose them.  Something needs to change or this will be a longer season than most expected.  Losing games that teams feel they should win are killers in the clubhouse, and I know the season just started, but this is not the starting point that players and fans of the Cubs have hoped for.

As for Marmol, his job has been backing up Kerry Wood and trying to clean up his mistakes.  Marmol says to Geo “I hope my pitches are accurate today because I have no idea where I am going to throw them, just make sure your ready for anything Soto.”  The inconsistency from Marmol is something that no team can overcome, especially when he is in the closing position.  These guys need to wake up, because games cannot continue being lost in the 8th and 9th innings.  They need to pitch consistently and know that games are not over until that 27th out is recorded.

Look, I know these guys feel bad, but there playing in Chicago where everything is always being watched.  I know the season is long, but instead of starting 2-0, the Cubs are 0-2 because they have not finished games with their pitching.  Nevertheless, GO CUBS!

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Brett Favre; Retires from Wrangler…..Than signs with Levi’s

In an incredible move this morning, Brett Favre announced in a press conference that took up 3 hours of SportsCenter that he would retire from the Wrangler jean commercials. After, 20 years of doing the commercials, Brett felt that his butt wasn’t healthy enough to continue to go on.

Brett Looking Comfortable in a Wrangler


When asked why the sudden decision to retire from Wrangler, Brett had this to say, “My heart wasn’t in it anymore. After so many years of throwing on the Wrangler’s, how can you wake up each morning as excited as you once were?” The shocking move left Wrangler wearers stunned. Already there was a buzz about who would be the next Wrangler model.


Former all-star QB Kurt Warner had this to say about the situation. “Does this mean there is a job opening? I am looking! Where do I send my resume?” All around the league players and coaches were in awe of the decision for Favre to retire. Future hall of fame coach Mike Shanahan said, “I’ve got to see it before I’ll believe it!”

If that wasn’t enough. Favre who was only out of the jeans game for about four hours came out with a press release shocking the entire world. In it, Favre backed out of his decision to retire and moved his booty to the rival Levi’s Brand. In the absolutely stunning move, Wrangler fans were left wondering how and why this could have happened to them?

By the end of the press release, Brett told his Levi fans, “I can promise you this, not that I had ever set out as a goal to model for 20 years, but 20 years and I’m done. I don’t think so. This is just the beginning of my Levi’s contract.”

Brett Favre had retired from the jeans game, but just hours later changed his mind and  his brand. He’s now back under center in the spotlight of a rival company. We will see how the move plays out as Brett continues to model in near by high schools, but the early scouting reports say he looked better in Wrangler.


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PGA Tour Gets First Branded Hastag

As old-school as the sport of golf is and as stereotyped as the players are for being rich white guys, it seems that the PGA is finally starting to jump on board the social media train. It is easy to see how a game rooted with such deep tradition – and maybe a few old farts – would be hesitant to jump on the bandwagon of these new technology fads. NBA Basketball teams have been selling shirts dawned with players’ Twitter handles and Mississippi State even made an end-zone sized social media ploy when they painted #HAILSTATE during a football game this past season.

At the Northern Trust Open this year, players sponsored by the brand TaylorMade wore hats embroidered with the Twitter hashtag #DriverLove. They launched the campaign through a television ad which aired before the tournament, flashing the hashtag several times throughout the commercial for a new driver. What seems to be the first endorsing of Twitter on the tour has already apparently spawned somewhat of a “cult following,” according to Bob Maggiore, TaylorMade’s chief marketing officer. Also unique to this social media strategy is the goal, which has more to do with “engaging with these bigger, great ideas,” rather than strictly to direct consumers to the brand homes. “Like here,” Maggiore adds, “that it’s okay to love your golf equipment.” Although this is only a minor step toward golf utilizing social media to its full potential, it has to be a step in the right direction toward all of these “old farts” coming around to these new social media fads.

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Get Connected

Golfers today want to know where to golf, who to golf with and how crowded the course will be. Back in the old days, you’d simply have to look outside your window, make sure it wasn’t raining then grab the clubs and jump into the Ford Model T and head over to the course.

Yet, with the powers of social media today anyone can connect with anyone on the greens. By going to and creating your own personal profile you and your friends can always know how everyone is doing on the course.

All you need to do is sign up. Once you sign up you have access to plenty of forums where golfers from around the world are discussing tips and even the best and most secret places to golf. By being apart of the “Golf Space” its as if you have your own Facebook profile without the nonsense of a news feed or a wall or making sure you write happy birthday to everybody. Instead, you can just enjoy what you like best and thats golf.

Golf is known to be a grandaddy sport and isn’t usually played by kids. The reason I bring this up is that a lot of adults and even grandparents are finally starting to jump on the social media bandwagon. Although, they don’t properly know how to use it, they’ve finally given in and decided to give social media a chance. For golfers, The Golf Space is a genius way for golfer fans and players to meet new players, improve their game and even learn about new and exciting courses.

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The PGA Tours best blog

There are many blogs on the sport of golf and several on the PGA tour but the one I think that is the best is located at Golfweek is a high-end weekly golfing magazine that is consider one of the foremost authorities on the sport or as they put it on their website “Golfweek has been a constant, undeniable force in the world of golf; no other publication comes close to equaling Golfweek’s consistent and comprehensive coverage of the game.” On the magazine’s website there is access to social media through their facebook, twitter, and youtube links as well as nine different types of blogs. The most interesting of the sites many blogs is The Tour Blog which is updated regularly with articles about the PGA tour, lists, Masters history, and many more giving this blog a wide range of topics. This blog has all of the best aspects that a great blog should have, the posts are perfect length, they really seem to know what their readers want, and they incorporate the past present and future of golf. To me Golfweeks “the tour blog” shows the three essentials of blogging: passion, authenticity, and engagement. So if you are looking for a blog that covers golf to its fullest, then look no further than See for yourself:

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PGA Tour Might be Social Media Laggards, but They’re Finally On Board

Golf is an old-school, conservative sport. The game is known for its traditions, sportsmanship and strict rules.

Times have changed though.

In an attempt to more easily connect with fans and a way to increase their audience, the PGA Tour has started to embrace Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

On March 7th, at the W.G.C.-Cadillac Championship the PGA Tour lifted their ban on cell-phones and other social media devices in PGA Tour events.

It’s important that the PGA finally took this step allowing cellphones into their events. The slow pace of golf make sit the perfect sport to “live-tweet.” Fans will now be able to tweet about the action while at the event to promote their Twitter “brand,” without missing a beat of the action.

The PGA Tour has also launched Facebook and Twitter pages giving fans tour information while also offering interactive games and chances to win prizes.

Just last week, the RBC Heritage PGA Tour Golf Tournament held their “So you want to be a PGA Tour reporter” social media contest. Fans were able to send a message to the president of the RBC Heritage event via Facebook or Twitter stating “what they’re proud of, essaence and heritage, of the RBC Heritage.”

The winner will be given media credentials to the event and will live-tweet the event from the RBC Hertiage’s Twitter page.

It’s really important for golf and the PGA to start embracing social media and realize what it can do in expanding the audience for the sport of golf. Social media will allow the PGA Tour and professional golfers a way to connect with fans in a way the sport hasn’t done before.

Golf has always has trouble reaching out to a younger audience. With so many great golfers on the tour right now (Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan) the game has the potential to reach a popularity level it hasn’t seen before. Exploring the marketing opportunities Twitter and Facebook has to offer can only help the sport grow.

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